Friday, October 8, 2010

Got my StreetFox tadpole trike plan. Getting ready to start. - Atomic Zombie™ Extreme Machines Builder's Forum

"First off, howdy yall. The name is Sparticus (ok not my real name, but I answer to it more than my real name.) I decided to get the plans and build a StreetFox. After doing tons of research on Recumbents, I have to say this is gonna get interesting. I have started to gather bikes and parts and everything else I think I will need. So...Any tips? Hints?"

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The StreetFox Recumbent Trike is a fast and comfortable version of the classic "tadpole" style trike (two wheels in the front), which includes rear suspension, three wheel braking, and 26 inch rear wheel for optimal gear range. The StreetFox looks and handles as good as any commercially produced trike, and can be completely made using commonly available and inexpensive bicycle components and some square tubing. Not one single machined part is needed.

The StreetFox has an adjustable bottom bracket so it can fit riders of most heights, from 5 feet to well over 6 feet tall. Due to the rugged construction and use of sturdy 14 mm axle, 48 spoke front wheels, the StreetFox can easily accommodate riders over 250 pounds.

Because this project only requires a basic welder, an angle grinder and a hand drill, the StreetFox can be built by anyone with the desire to put a little effort into this rewarding hobby. Because of the simple mono tube main frame, the StreetFox is highly customizable, allowing the builder to alter the plan to suit his or her own needs, or simply to try new ideas.

The most complex part of the trike is obviously the steering, but the StreetFox uses commonly available and "bullet proof" BMX wheels and hubs, so you don't need to source hard-to-find, expensive front wheel parts. All three wheels have standard bicycle brakes and cables as well, so you can find most of your parts by salvaging old bicycles or at most bicycle stores.