Monday, October 18, 2010

Triple chopper bikes - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

Greetings. My wife said I should get around to submitting my 12' long chopper, 60 degrees of rake,  4 3/4" trail.  I sacrificed a 26" mountain bike for that "science project" just to see if a bike 144" long (from tip of wheel to tip of wheel) would be ride able.  It is not practical, but fun and controllable! 

CNC machined triple clamps and drop-outs, the rest is 1" tubing bent on my hydraulic tubing bender and TIG welded together.  Did the majority of the construction on my lunch breaks!  Fun project! 
The other two bikes are the smaller version of the longbike for my children, Benjamin and Victoria Wyma. They loved them :)

Thanks, hope to see my pics on the website :)
Torrey Wyma