Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Tradewinds recumbent tandem out of the blocks - Atomic Zombie™ Extreme Machines Builder's Forum

"Hi Folks. Here's some progress shots of the Tradewinds tandem. I think I'll name it Hauhau, Maori for windy. It passed the first rolling test, stoker Bron's first ever recumbent ride! The ASS handlebars function OK, but don't do the bike any aesthetic favours. The steering looks a bit threatening for the pilot's gonads too. I'll probably try USS when I get enough bits & pieces.
I see this bike in a minty turquoise colour."

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The Tradewinds Tandem combines a long wheelbase and short wheelbase recumbent together to form a speedy and comfortable vehicle for two. The Tradewinds Tandem frame is light and strong, and because the tandem is powered by two human engines, it offers many advantages over a single rider bicycle. Add to this the laid back aerodynamic seating position, and you have the formula for a very fast and efficient human powered vehicle.

The under seat steering is extremely comfortable as it places your hands in a naturally relaxed position, yet gives you confident control over the steering. The bottom brackets are placed lower than the seat, so you are pedaling in a relaxed position without having your feet obstruct the view. Because of the short wheelbase front configuration, the overall wheelbase of the tandem is quite short, allowing for easy maneuvering and responsive handling on urban streets. The Tradewinds is a bicycle for two, but it is completely rideable by only one, if for some reason the you have to fly solo. 

Because the Tradewinds uses commonly available bicycle parts and some steel tubing, it can be built in a few days using minimal tools. Even if this is your first attempt at creating a custom cycle, you will have no problem following along since the steps are detailed along the way with 120 pictures and illustrations. You can also change the design to suit you own needs. The simple frame geometry is easy to modify. The cost of the completed tandem is not much more than the cost of a department store bicycle, if you decide to purchase new parts to complete the project.