Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Double Decker Trike - AtomicZombie builders gallery

This is our latest, Double Decker Trike showing blistering speed on a left turn. You need to peddle backwards to go forward and forward to brake. When jumped up on it the first time, I peddled forward and it stopped, but I didn't.  I'm getting better. 

God Bless, Pastor Kurt Beard
Journey for Life Ministry, Kansas

Pastor Kurt also built a pedicab this year (profiled in the August-September newsletter):  "That pretty little lady is my daughter "Madison".  She is riding in "Double Bubble" a pedicab that I built.  I'm the good looking guy doing the grunt labor.  We have been offering $10.00 bikes on Craigslist through my church "Journey for Life Ministry" and have been overwhelmed with people wanting to get back out on the road riding again.  We are rebuilding our web site journeyforlifeministry.org and are going to show pictures of all the people that have adopted our bikes and giving them a better home which also brings smiles to their faces.  I enjoy your newsletters and your books. I got both of the bike books and they sit in a prominent place next to the seat in the library, where I have plenty of time to view the pictures."