Friday, November 12, 2010

New Zealand Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Trike coming to life - Atomic Zombie™ Extreme Machines Builder's Forum

"Hi all, new member from NZ such a great site. I am building a warrior trike, purchased plans a while back and have and made some progress on the frame...

Some photos of the rear end. Have to use standard brakes as disks are still expensive here. Photo shows a head support tube with brake caliper attached. I've had to bend the arms of the caliper to avoid the cable hitting the back of the seat. Making some slow progress waiting for more steel at the moment. I've had some issues trying to keep things straight when welded but sorted it out chopping things off rewelding and so on."

 "Have got the frame rolling, next job steering control rod, and seat."

Sweet! Looking like a great recumbent trike so far!

The Warrior Racing Trike takes performance and looks to all new heights. With triple disc brakes, under seat steering, and a general racing attitude, the Warrior would easily pass for an expensive production import. Built using inexpensive bicycle components and steel tubing, the Warrior weighs in at only 43 pounds, and has perfect handling and braking characteristics. There is not one single machined part on the entire trike, and everything can be built using only a basic welder, hand drill, and angle grinder!

The Warrior Racing Trike uses commonly available 20mm hubs, so there are no hard to find or overly expensive components needed. The frame is completely made of square steel tubing,and everything else on the Warrior Trike can be found at bicycle shops or hacked from scrap bicycles. The building process is designed to allow anyone with a Do-It-Yourself desire to finish his or her own version of the Warrior without requiring previous bike building experience or specialized tools and skills.

If you have been eying up those expensive imported recumbent trikes, but think $4,500 is a bit too steep of a price tag, then get out your tools and build it yourself! For thousands of dollars less than the price of a basic tadpole trike, you can create your very own racing trike that will rival many of the factory built machines available.