Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Granny's Nightmare variant [ sort of ] - Atomic Zombie builders forum

"Hi all. This is all Shifty's fault him and his chopper build.

I have a lugged ladies frame and would like a chopper , so I have been looking at Brads various methods and decided to use the fork idea from the Skyscraper and change the angle of the frame by adding to the chain stays instead of the cut and bend of the Granny's Nightmare."

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Build Granny's Nightmare Chopper

You know what really irritates the heck out of me? I drive all the way out to the dump, pay my five bucks to get in, and the only bikes laying around are those goofy granny bikes from the late 1970s. Dog, what's the deal? I need some new parts! OK, enough whining, it's payback time. A real chopper artist can chop any bike, even this crusty old codger cruiser. In fact, the more I looked at the bike, the more I thought it would be a sweet ride. Check out all that chrome, look at that long spindly frame, yeah, I could make this happen.

Normally, I do not even bother with these frames because of their "lugged" construction. Lugged frames are not really welded at the head tube and bottom bracket, they are press fit and brazed. Because of this, you cannot really salvage the head tube or the bottom bracket, and this makes the frame useless for parts normally. Even the rims are those goofy 27inch size, too big for a mountain bike tire. Because I was planning to hack this granny cruiser into something evil, I would be keeping most of the frame in one piece, so the project was still doable.

We found this classic bike at the dump and turned it into a cool contemporary chopper. "Turn down that devil music, you crazy kids!" I could hear the bike talking to me. I thought I'd better rip it all apart before I start wearing a helmet and worrying about brakes! Figure 1 shows the old fashioned bike before hacking. These styles were easy to find at the dump or at yard sales.