Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mulling over an idea: The Twin Fox - AtomicZombie builders forum

"I built an electric/pedal hybrid velomobile based on the Street Fox design for my 21 mile (each way) work commute. It's cool and I like it but there are a few inherent problems:

1. Not really quite fast enough. I can only manage 25 to 30 mph on the level, in a 35 mph zone where vehicles typically travel 40+ mph.

2. I have to pick up my son from school 4 days per week (wife does this on Fridays), so I can really only use my velo one day per week, and on school closure/summer days.

3. Motor and controller bog down going up the steeper hills of this area. Going to work I'm going down these steeper hills, but coming back home is difficult."

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StreetFox Tadpole Trike