Monday, March 21, 2011

Nothin' Special - long wheel base recumbent

"Decided TheKid's suggestion of doing a "rat rod" paint job was a good one, so I went with it.
This worked out great for SEVERAL reasons:

1. It yielded a unique paint job, different from any of my previous ones.
2. It enabled me to finish off a coupla cans of paint that were nearly empty.
3. I didn't have enough of any one color to do the job, so this enabled me to avoid buying more paint.
4. The color scheme is kinda reminiscent of 60s psychedelia, which I still love after all these years.
5. And last but not least, the unusual paint job draws attention away from my crappy-lookin' welds!

Luckily, I had enough clear coat on hand to finish the job.

Thanx for the suggestion, Kid! It turned out better than I expected!"

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