Saturday, July 17, 2010

Electric Recumbent by Tim: another successful bike build (

Hi AZ Krew.

Filled with confidence from the experience of building my first two Meridian recumbents, and armed with the superb information in the AZ books and friendly support from the forums, I decided to design and build an electrically assisted bicycle of my own.

This is what I came up with. I have learned a great deal about bicycle design thanks to Brad and Kat and all those good folks in the AZ krew and have enjoyed every moment of it. The bike was great fun to design and build. It rides great with good stability at all speeds thanks to the information on steering geometry on the website. The center of gravity is low which helps due to the low slung batteries. It weighs 30kg with batteries and is capable of 15 MPH without pedaling to comply with uk law, and has a 200W motor which again is a limitation of the law here.

Because of the crank forward design you can safely plant your feet on the floor while remaining seated and the riding positition is more comfortable and relaxed than an upright. It can accommodate riders from 5 foot to 6 foot 4 easilly and comfortably with only the seat being altered.

The whole experience has been great fun and most rewarding. I enjoyed designing and building it and my wife loves riding it. There will no doubt be some modifications and I intend to make a solar charging station for it in the garden. Until the next bike, be a happy zombie. All the very best to you all. ~ Tim

Very nice, Tim! Thanks for your kind words. Hope to see you again soon in the builders forum! .