Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Atomic Zombie krew members and bike builders

Name: Charles Mitchard
Forum name: Savarin
Stats: Married, 60-69
Location: Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Occupation: Lecturer in professional cookery
How you found AZ: Web search
When joined AZ forum: Ages ago on the old forum
Bike building experience: Some previous experience
Welding experience: A lot of previous experience
Why joined the AZ community: Looked like fun and a good crowd
Completed projects: Long wheel base recumbents
Favorite type of bike: I don't really have a "favorite" its just I've built two of them. I have two trikes in the pipeline.
Projects completed: Choppers, trikes, tall, trailers, long wheel base recumbents, short wheel base recumbents
Current projects: Long wheel base recumbents, trikes
Welding: MIG (Metal Inert Gas)
Challenges: Have not found anything difficult enough to call a challenge. Usually, the first idea worked. If it didn’t, I just stopped and thought some more.
What it means to be part of AZ community: An awesome place to learn and pass on more knowledge
Advice: Ya gotta practice and nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.
More interesting stuff about you: I love building things and helping others. I'm an amateur astronomer and grind the glass to make my own telescopes. I’m currently working a 2" binocular (almost finished the design, have the glass ready to start, finished the grinding machine).