Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meet Atomic Zombie Krew members and bike builders - Nebraska

Forum name:  schu777   
Stats:  Married, 40-49       
Location:  Omaha, NE, USA   
Occupation:  Systems Analyst   
How found AZ:  Google   
When joined forum:  2009   
Bike building experience:  Newbie, no previous experience       
Welding experience:  Newbie, no previous experience           
Why joined AZ:  Like to build a trike for wife and me.           
Favorite type of bike:  Trikes   
Why? Neat looking, unique       
Past and present projects:  Trikes   
Welding:  MIG (Metal Inert Gas)   
Challenges:  Money, finding donor bikes
What it means to be part of AZ community:  Good info. source to get help in building the bike

This is a recent picture of me after finishing the BRAN (Bike Ride Across Nebraska) - 491 miles this year - supposedly the hardest one this year, too, according to a Vet of BRAN.