Friday, July 9, 2010

Meet an AZ Krew Member -

Name:  Matthew Cooper            
Forum name:  GizDrak                         
Stats:  Single, 22-30                            
Location:  Moore, Oklahoma, USA
Occupation:  IT/Prepress Specialist         
Found AZ community:  Browsing the web looking for trikes
Joined forum:  2009
Bike building experience:  A lot of previous experience
Welding experience:  Newbie, no previous experience
Why joined AZ:  I used to love taking a part bikes has a teen and putting them back together. I wanted to experience that again but at the next level. I decided that I wanted to build my own trikes sense I always wanted one so I found the warrior plans and feel in love and that is what brought me here.
Favorite type of bike:  Trikes
Why?  I just love the design and look of trikes. I think it would be a great bike to ride to and from work.
Projects completed: Fun/crazy
Projects currently working on:  Trikes
Type of welding:  Stick
Challenges:  Learning to weld, learning to cut steel evenly, needing more tools
How you overcame these challenges:  Practiced welding a lot, practice, went out and bought more tools
What it means to be part of AZ community:  I think it is great to be part of a community which is very active and helpful all around. You never see anyone fighting over silly things just good debates all around. I always know if I get stuck on something I can come to the forums and ask and I am sure I will get some great advice on getting passed whatever I was stuck on.
Advice:  Anyone can build a bike with time and some practice :-) and it is a lot of fun. I never really had a hobby before I got started with building bikes. It got me so excited about hobbies I wanted to create a place for everyone to socialize and share there hobbies.
Web sites: has a social network for hobby people. It is just starting and have not got anyone to join, but it is there for the future and I am sure someone will use it one day!