Saturday, February 27, 2010

Atomic Zombie Bike Builders Gallery updated - choppers, recumbents, trikes and more

There are more additions to the Atomic Zombie Builders Gallery - long and short wheel base recumbents, choppers, motorized bikes, crazy bikes and more. The chopper above was sent to us from Paco Chopper in Mexico.

This sick chopper was built by Chris Hooley of Australia.

Scott Frey of Boulder, Colorado, sent in a picture of his crazy bike. He writes, "This is a kinetic sculpture craft that I raced in the Colorado race this year. It’s not an Atomic Zombie design, but it is kinda weird. You might like it for the “Fun Rides” gallery. I more-or-less threw it together in a few weeks using a kiddie bike, kiddie trailer, and a bunch of conduit.  The official name of this machine is “Dr. Diabolical’s Tedious Tricycle of Tyranny”. It’s a lot of fun to ride, especially with the lever-steering!"

Geoff Bird from the UK sent in a picture of his racing short wheel base recumbent.

You can see these and many more cool homebuilt bikes in the Builders Gallery. Guaranteed to motivate you to get bike hacking, grinding and welding.