Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New & improved Builders Gallery now online!

Here we grow again! The Builders Gallery has grown so much in recent years, it was becoming very difficult to manage and time consuming to update. We tested various gallery software, but we just couldn’t find the right one to work seamlessly with the new site layout.

So, in traditional Atomic Zombie spirit, Brad took on the challenge of completely developing one from scratch. We didn’t keep track of how many hours it took to write, test and create the gallery pages. It was, however, an enormous undertaking that took over a month to complete.
The other gallery was getting pretty bloated and slow, and looked disorganized. When we started it in 2001, we didn’t expect it to get so big so fast.

Now, it takes minutes instead of hours to add new submissions and upload them to the main site. Woo hoo! That leaves us more time to work on other projects.

We hope that you like the new format, especially how fast the pages and larger images load, and the menu organization. You will also notice that some bikes appear in more than one category.

Keep sending in those pictures of your completed and painted projects.