Friday, February 12, 2010

Australian students build StreetFox recumbent trike, succeed in competition

This email from Scotch Oakburn College, Australia:

G’day to all the gang at Atomic Zombie,

My name is Stephen and I am an Applied Technology teacher at Scotch Oakburn College in a regional city in Australia called Launceston. We run a recumbent bike building course for our year 10 students as a major component of their Applied Technology program. The bikes are then put to the test in a 6 hour endurance race in our state capital Hobart in May.

Last year we were very excited to find your plans for the Street Fox, ordered a set and 18 students set about building 2 bikes +roll bars for the 6 hour challenge.

I am happy to say that both bikes were completed on time and proved very competitive and reliable, despite the rigours of racing and many of our competitors having spent a great deal more money than us. (One of our competitors had a steering set up that cost more than both our bikes put together.)

The plans were excellent and the bikes are a constant source of interest for students and visitors to our school. We have just received the plans for the Warrior and hope to build or modify our existing bikes for this year’s race on May 2nd as there seems to have been some good improvements for a race ready bike.

I have included some photos of our bikes from race day; keep up the good work.


Thank you for your kind words, and pass along our congratulations to the students. Well done! We look forward to reading about your Warrior Racing Trike build and upcoming race. Cheers.