Friday, May 21, 2010

FAS Custom Bicycles - handmade and very cool works of art

An Atomic Zombie shout out to FAS Custom Bicycles of  Minneapolis, Minnesota for their amazing custom built bikes. We share their philosophy for creating unique bikes and promoting cycling.

According to their web site: "FAS Custom Bicycles is dedicated to creating one-of-a kind bicycles considered rolling art  used for display or riding. Our staff is passionate about combining art, cycling, and the community surrounding it.

FAS Custom Bicycles seeks to be innovative with our unique designs, product development, and craftsmanship in everything we produce. We believe that cycling should be fun and our products reflect that fun.

FAS Custom Bicycles offers handmade bicycles and frames that help the rider feel closer to their bicycle and offer a level of pride in owning a special handmade bicycle that was created  just for them. Creating bikes, art, and encouraging cycling is all part of the business. (our sentiments, exactly!)
We are a small company and new to the cycling world, but we feel confident that our unique designs and excellent craftsmanship will provide a level of satisfaction and pride of ownership that cannot be found having a mass produced bike. (right on!)

What we do:
  • Build custom one of a kind handmade bicycles
  • Build custom bicycle frames
  • Welding and custom fabrication"
Thanks to David for sending us a picture for the Builders Gallery. Very cool bikes, guys!