Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spokes4Folks Mobile Bike Clinic - Brighter Planet

Support Spokes4Folks Mobile Bike Clinic, Charleston, West Virginia - aiming for $5,000 grant

A Project Fund project proposed by ElkhoundSpokes4Folks is currently developing a cooperative bike repair shop and earn-a-bike program, and would like to expand into a mobile bike clinic. If they get the grant, they plan to base the clinic design off of either the Lode Runner Tandem or the Kyoto Cruiser.

"This project proposal is part of the Brighter Planet Project Fund, an initiative to support projects in U.S. communities that fight climate change and/or help people adapt to its consequences. Brighter Planet contributes to the fund whenever a customer purchases or uses one of its products. The project(s) with the most votes at the close of a voting period receive grants, until the fund is exhausted for that month."

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