Thursday, April 22, 2010

Esso Cup National Women's Hockey Tournament - Thunder Bay Queens score another win


Cava & Quarrell in the 1st period
Zuback & Cornell in the 2nd period  WAY TO GO "ZUBES"
Tougas (in the third on empty net)

AMAZING GAME. Fast paced on both sides. Both teams were pouring on the speed, puck handling and persistent shots on net.

Kept us hooting and hollering again.

Zubes gets Player of the Game for Queens. She has three goals so far in the tournament. Congrats!

Commentators said:
Amanda Makela has been pretty steady in goal today.
Zuback has three goals in this tournament so far.
They set up pretty plays. Nice play by Thunder Bay. (Cava-Tougas-Zuback line)
The one line that’s been doing the job and the one we’ve been watching all week.
Tougas is crafty with it (the puck).
Another big save by the Queens goalie.
Zuback is no stranger to getting the puck in the net.

Today’s game: Queens (ONT) vs Notre Dame Hounds (WEST) - 1:00 PM CT (3 PM ET)

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