Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recumbent tadpole trikes - Builders Gallery at

More great tadpole trike photos built by Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines krew members:

Two photos a long my Tripp from me with my Tricycle/Velomobile. ~ Harry Muller

Here is a picture of my finished recumbent. I built it in three days using three bikes. I did all the work myself including the paint and tribal graphics. It rides really good and is so comfortable. My wife wants one now so back to the shop to build another one. I will send pictures of that one when done, by the way this was my first build and i enjoyed it very much.  ~ Thanks Dustin Blanchette

Here is a photo of a trike I built which is basically a mountain bike with the front end of your trike design. I use it to transport my daughter in a car seat. It is brilliant in the snow. ~ Francis Daniel, Wookey, England

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