Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Long wheel base recumbents - Builders Gallery

More recent bike entries to the AZ Builders Gallery include homebuilt long wheel base recumbents designed and built by some of our krew members from around the world. Nice work, everybody. Keep sending in those pictures of your completed bike projects.

Hi Brad and Kat. Attached are pics of my LWB that I completed about 2 years ago. It combines elements from some of your bikes in addition to AD Carson's "Recycled Recumbent." It's my first attempt at building, and that is quite addictive. I've named the bike "The Mongrel" due to the diverse sources of components (Bridgestone Kabuki road bike, Raleigh C30 Cross-Sport Hybrid, department-store mountain bikes, department store BMX bikes).

The only new components used in the build were the crankset, bottom bracket, rear cassette, brakes, cables and cable housings. Everything else, including the wheelset, was either built from scratch, salvaged or obtained in trades.

All the joints are fillet brazed and there hasn't been any problems with durability. The finish is a bright yellow powdercoat, and let me tell you, that is one durable finish. The company that did the work is named Armor Coatings, and it certainly lives up to the name. No nicks at all from the various types of debris that have been kicked up on rides.

I'd like to tackle a High Roller next, but I'm temporarily without a shop. Until I can build the next bike, I'll just have to rack up the miles on this one.

Keep up the good work at the site. Regards, Mike Meagher, aka "Wood Butcher" on the forum, New York.

Hi Brad, here are photos of a long wheel base recumbent  I built. ~ Francis Daniel, Wookey, England

Mach 2 modified by Andrew Carson, USA.

Lincolnshire WildKat by Bruce Reid, England.

Submit your homebuilt bikes. We are always looking for new bikes and trikes for our gallery! Please send your photos to: . Only one picture per project, maximum size 2MB.