Monday, April 5, 2010

More trikes and bikes added to Builders Gallery -

More great trike projects submitted by Atomic Zombie Krew members to the Builders Gallery:

Again congratulations for your inspiring web page, thanks for publishin my other trike, this time I am sending a big boy trike. I call it Tricyclon which is the Spanish name for big tricycle. Cordially, Arturo Borrero

Hey I love the AtomicZombie site and the awesome bikes you build! You had me really laughing describing the Granny's Nightmare chop, very very nice ride. And the tall bikes are amazing!!! I'm going back to read some more but first sending on 2 pics of my trikes.

The 'chopper trike' came about because I found the perfect motorcycle seat for a few bucks at a thrift store and had to use it on a creation...and I love fat tires, so drag slicks on the back. Has a 3-speed nexus hub. A very smooth around town ride.

The 'tall drag trike' is built from leftover 3" electrical conduit from my employer's remodel and because I took it to BurningMan there had to be a propane flame cannon on the front. Nexus 7-speed hub, stereo speakers, subwoofer, and a deep cycle battery (as well as a propane tank) on the rear deck. 

One very heavy trike good for flat hard ground only :-)  A 4-wheel quad version floats though and I've rode it in several kinetic sculpture races, won some prizes even!

Best wishes,  T Kurtheru McKenzie, Goleta, CA