Thursday, June 17, 2010

New! The Tomahawk Recumbent SWB LowRacer build update - builders forum

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Today everything went according to plan. Or as B.A. of the 80s TV show The A Team would have said with cutting torch in hand, "Ah, love it when ah plan comes togethah, hella good yah crazy foo"!

Yes, I have in fact been affected by burning paint fumes! Had to keep the doors closed after dark as the skitters are the size of turkeys around here now!


A good way to make a quality 20 inch fork with brake studs. Often, the kid's bikes that have 20 inch forks are of substandard quality, and the BMX forks were just too "beefy" for this project. BMX forks also have no cantilever brake studs on them.

Measurements are tight to avoid crank to wheel strike, which would make the lowracer unsuitable for street use. I am hoping that the Tomahawk will fit riders from 5' 6" and up. Shorter than 5' 6" will most likely have to go to a 16 inch front wheel.

I just have to add the head tube and front boom to complete the Tomahawk frame. The bottom bracket will be fully adjustable, and I am going to route the chain to avoid all front wheel rubbing.

I have to fix a client's network tomorrow, so there will be no update until the weekend...blah! Gotta do some "real" work to pay the bills. Reality sucks!