Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New! The Tomahawk SWB Recumbent LowRacer

Today was just some more planning and easy stuff:

This is a 20 inch rim. It's called a "BMX Racer".

Radial spokes are so easy that I feel guilty now!

Yes, the BB will be as low as possible and the Tomahawk will not have crank interference. The only part that is the same as the Warrior is the rear fork, so a conversion means hacking it all up, which I plan to do tomorrow!
Yep, I am already half through another build, and will post a few photos soon. I was actually planning to do a cargo bike next, but here is how plans diverted.

I had to steal the two front wheels from the Warrior to use on the Viking, and figured I would swap them back when needed. But since storage space is so valuable, and the Viking was just as good with a single rider, I put my Warrior on the organ donor list. I still have my all time favorite StreetFighter for lonewolf riding, so I made the decision to carve the Warrior into a Lowracer!

Warriors throw Tomahawks, so the name just seemed to fit!

The Tomahawk will be part Warrior (rear) and part LowRacer (front), looking like a Rans Raptobike or similar for styling.

I have just purchased a matching 20" front and am building up the wheel right now.

When completed, the Tomahawk should take the lead as my lightest and fastest recumbent, weighing a pound or 2 more than a production SWB of good quality.

I owe my bike hacking success to the true master: http://www.lucidscience.com/temp/djspoke.wmv

In the video, my trusted canine assistant helps me radial lace the ultra slim 20 inch rim onto the new hub. I have no real dimensions to post yet, just my general idea.

Should only have to drop the front boom and make a few chain guide adjustments to go from Warrior to Tomahawk. Expect to be painted by the weekend!

I am going with the standard over seat tiller. I think the USS bars might get in the way when putting your legs down. Could create a bad situation.