Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 hours to build a tallbike - AtomicZombie builders forum

By tree, AZ builders forum

I just spent around 6 hours in the garage, building a tallbike.
  • Removed the cranksets from both frames.
  • Cut the rear triangle off the upper frame.
  • Lined up and welded the frames together.
  • Removed (for salvage) the 3-piece crank of the lower frame and closed it up with an EMT tube (this is what took most of the time).
  • Welded a piece up from a set of handlebars to allow the head tube bearings to be removed and serviced.
  • Rigged up a rear brake.
  • Put a chain together in the proper length.
Then I put air in the tires and went for a ride! Never have I done something so great in so little time!! The next critical mass is going to be AWESOME!

I still need to refurb all the bearings and fine tune the rear wheel (a bit wobbly)
But it rides OK and is amazing fun!

At least a quarter of the time was spent cutting out a very nice 3-piece bottom bracket and replacing it with a 1 1/2 inch EMT pipe. I didn't want to waste it in a bike that it would never get used.

I'm hoping that I can ride it a bit in a biking event tomorrow in Madison. I'm not very familiar with riding tall bikes, so I'll have to be careful.

Earlier today, I re-greased the two head tubes and replaced the front wheel with a slightly smaller one with a good tire (the other tire was beyond shot). The last things I have to do before I'll feel comfortable riding it more than a few blocks is to true up the rear wheel, re-grease the crankset, and grind off a few remaining sharp bits of metal.

I'm gonna have some fun on this baby!