Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Viking recumbent tandam trike stupified

Well, it looks like Murphy wins today, so no test ride!

The entire Viking was going together perfectly and then without reason the under seat steering gooseneck clamp bolt just decided to become...stupid. Nice new bolt just seized right up so I ended up scratching the freshly painted handlebars, frame, and then skinned my knuckles just for good measure as the bolt finally snapped right off.

So now I have to pull apart the front to insert another brand new bolt. Perhaps tomorrow will be better... paint is now drying...yet again!

Murphy's Law of stupification is a force to be reckoned with!

You can drop a 16 inch wrench on a new white garage floor and it will vanish. Four people can look for days and then after you have purchased a new one you will trip over the old one, break your ankle, fall into a moving lathe and then knock over your shop light so it falls directly into a can of solvent, starting a fire.

Once you finally un-snag your sleeve from the lathe, you run towards the fire extinguisher, tripping over the wrench one last time only to get there and realize that you originally needed that wrench to re-fit the extinguisher valve, which is now non-functional. All that remains after the blaze is the original wrench.

Ah, the good times!


And on that note - the song Stupified by the band Disturbed: