Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marauder Warrior recumbent -

As a break with tradition for me I think this will be called the Marauding Warrior. Wow! I named a bike.

On page 16 of the Warrior plan it hit me. This is virtually the old Marauder with a new rear end. I was hoping to finish this by tomorrow but no chance now, other things took over.

Here's the new seat design. the pool noodles will be placed on the tubes and plugged. I'm thinking of leaving the gap in the middle to relieve pressure on my lower spine.

The curves of the central piece that the tubes are welded to follow my back shape. I tried it out and its comfy, but I don't know how it will feel on a long ride.

At last it's finished (no it isn't, the hand grips aren't on). This was the bike I was supposed to be riding at Christmas.

I started to make the Warrior, got the rear end done then realised it looked like a type of Marauder. As I needed a ride for the Christmas lights rides, I thought it would be quicker to complete it as a two wheeler.

I got the rolling frame done pretty quick. Then, I went off on a tangent with a strange seat design, cable steering with all that entailed, a new headrest and the smallest handlebars I could get away with.
So at long last its now done and rides fantastic. I am well pleased.

Some stats:
  • 700c rear wheel, home made disk adapter, front mudguard from a 27" racer as a rear guard, 8 speed cluster.
  • 20" front wheel with V brake pivots welded onto bmx forks, thread-less head set.
  • Quick release skewers on both wheels.
  • Under seat steering.
  • Shimano triple Biopace chain ring.
  • Index shifters, speed and cadence computer.
  • 2.78 metres end-to-end.
  • Heavier than I would like but it would be better if I lost the lbs.
So without further ado with and without me:

Another nice homemade bike, Savarin. Follow his bike build: