Thursday, June 3, 2010

DIY Kick Scooter Bike - builders forum

By TheGiver, AZ Krew Member

I've bogged down on my DeltaWolf build (which reminds me - I need to start a thread about that) and my daughter’s birthday was coming up so... how does a garage hacker get out of a slump? Keep hacking.

She had asked for a scooter for Christmas, but that didn't happen, so I started looking around for one for her birthday.

Do you realize the only kind of kick scooters that are sold now are those Razor things, or their clones that use skate wheels? What happened to the pneumatic tires that could actually roll over a pebble, or through grass?

I'm only 34, but I'm starting to feel like a cranky old man, "Back in MY day..." So, I found a cheap 12 inch bike and it was a simple weekend hack.

New down tube from some conduit and new forks from a different bike. Note the prototype fender. I haven't yet figured out a good way to do fender. This one is aluminum sheet riveted to a couple formers.

As I said simple, but she professes to love it. Good enough for me. Now back to DW trials and tribulations.

~ Geoffrey