Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tomahawk recumbent lowracer bike build:

New! The TomaHawk SWB LowRacer

It was a good day (and night) in the AZ garage!

Finished the frame, added the seat tabs, pulley bolts, and then tried a new way to cap the end of the main boom. A triangle piece is cut from each corner and then the flaps are hammed towards each other to form a diamond shaped end cap. This worked well.

Chain routing worked out even better than I had planned, keeping the lost space between the front tire and seat to an absolute minimum. Being 5' 7" or so, I still have about 2 inches of room to move the boom back, so this lowracer fills a missing gap for many riders that would otherwise be stuck with crank strike.

I have not thrown the Tomahawk on the scale yet, but I can tell by moving it around that it is going to come in close to many factory lowracers. The seat is very laid back and comfortable, with room for a helmet just over the back rest.

Tomorrow, I will bring the frame to the state of the art painting shop, aka my backyard next to the rhubarb patch. We have not picked out a color yet, so Kat and I will just look on the shelf and see what spray can lid catches our eye.

One more installment to come!  ~ Brad