Thursday, June 17, 2010

New! The Tomahawk Recumbent SWB LowRacer

I did not have a full day in the garage, but did manage to get the main frame completed and the seat has been painted so it can dry overnight.

As you can see, the clearances between the front wheel are tight. I pushed the envelope here so that those who are less than 5' 10" can still enjoy a lowracer. I have tried a few production lowracers that claim to be compatible with my 34" inseam, but what they failed to mention was that included crank-to-wheel interference!

I am guessing the Tomahawk will fit riders with an inseam down to 32" before you have to choose between mods for a 16 inch front wheel or the deadly pedal strike. For track racing, pedal strike can be acceptable, but don't even think about heading out into the public streets with a bike that may or may not be able to steer more than 3 degrees at any given time. Imagine trying to snake around a car door at high speed!!

Well, tomorrow the seat should be dry and I will add the hard foam and then get the front boom and adjustable bottom bracket installed. There are about 6 more hours of work to do before that initial test ride as long as Murphy stays in hiding.

This is what I will be trying to do next.

Just an ugly photo-chop to show the chain routing.