Thursday, June 3, 2010

Viking recumbent tandem trike - DONE!

Even after two days of stupification, the Viking recumbent tandem trike is finally done. Added brake cables, seats, handlebar grips and end caps. Took it for a solo test ride this afternoon and it rode without any issues at all. Very easy to maneuver by yourself (my stoker was busy doing yardwork as it's supposed to rain tomorrow).

Not too shabby! Really pleased with the result. The fire engine red sure gets noticed on the streets. Turned a lot of heads, which is a good thing. Means that motorized vehicle drivers pay attention!

Tomorrow if the rain holds off, will take 'er for final photos nearby and start writing up the plan. Will probably take a few days to get it online. Patience! We know that some of you bike builders are anxiously awaiting the download. Soon!