Sunday, August 22, 2010

Building a DeltaWolf Recumbent Speed Trike -

By imamedik
AZ Krew Guru, Columbus, GA

I was able to mount the brackets for the brakes, then realized I needed spacers to keep them from rubbing the top so I have to wait on setting up the brakes until I can go to the store and get some. The first chain-ring/ washer combination did not work, it was missing a tooth which caused the chain to jump off. I was able to make another one that works well.

In the process of getting the chain management straight I some how managed to freeze up the freewheel, I will have to take it apart to see if I can fix it, if not I will have to find another one. no pics at this time, maybe tomorrow.

OK, I have finished the chain management part of the build. Instead of using a pulley I used an old chain-ring and a washer ground to fit then welded to the inside. I drilled out the center of the washer so the flange bearing will fit. I made the goose-neck a little different than the plans, I am thinking that I could run the cables through the hole at the top of the goose-neck.

I kind of like the profile of the goose-neck. I still need to make and mount the brackets for the brakes and the elbow guards then touch up some welds. The weather is starting to get bad so I will have to work on it some other time.

I haven't had much time to work on the trike since my last post. I celebrated my 17 year anniversary, SWMBO wanted new chairs for the den and I had to go with her to move them. Anyway here are a couple of pictures of the rear end with the freewheel and disc brakes attached to the axles with the brackets I made.

I was able to get the rear end welded to the seat tube, every thing came out square. I also welded the front tube in place you can see in the picture that I clamped a guide tube to the rear end and used that to ensure that it was in line.

I cut and notched the front tube and positioned the fork in preparation to welding. I got lucky with the forks, I picked them and a 48 spoke 20 inch rim up for $15 if you look close you can see that it already has the studs for the front brake.

I was going to put the front brake on because I wanted more than the one brake called for in the plans. I had only bought one disc brake initially, I got lucky at my LBS where one of the customers there had a pair of Avid B5's that he wasn't using and he knows that I build my own and am always looking for parts at a good price, he sold them to me for $20 .

Now I need a new front fork. I built the freewheel adapter out of a left side BB insert and a long 5/8 inch socket that I cut the end off of then I drilled and tapped holes for set screws. I didn't want to weld anything to the axle so everything will have a removable bracket of some kind. I was also able to make a bracket for one of the disc brakes. no pictures, I will take some tomorrow.

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