Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tim's chopper with ultra sick handlebars -

Tim's ultra cool chopper

Hi Brad/Kat.

Hope you are both well.

Here is a picture of the chopper I recently completed. I built it just for charity / fun rides but I really like it. It's fun. It was great to build just seeing what bits I could weld where, and this is how it turned out. Ken and I are taking our choppers to the Mayor of London's Skyride on the 5th September.

So, if there are any AZ krew there give us a wave and say hi! If it is completed on time we might have an Invertabike to play with, too, that we are working on together. I think Ken has the AZ bug, too! It's all good fun.

All the very best. Tim

Sweet looking ride, Tim. Love those handlebars! Cheers to you and Ken.

Ken with his homemade chopper