Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Loss of a fellow bike builder

We got this from Bicycle Don and am posting this on here to let his fellow custom bike builders know.

"On Sunday, we lost a fellow custom bicycle builder Jeff Chapp. You may also know him and his lovely wife Jamie as owners of Time Frame, Complexed, Sentimental Journey, Columbia 5 Star, and other custom and restored bicycles. Always a favored display at the Autorama. He shared his talents to help countless others with their custom projects. He passed suddenly, by accident at home. Jeff, we will miss you and what you were always able to contribute to others.

Viewing will be at UHT Funeral Home, 35400 Glenwood, Westland Michigan. Wednesday Noon to 9PM, with Funeral Services Thursday at 10AM.


Al Petri & Sons
2160 Fort St.
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Many of you guys know of Jeff and his Time Frame bike.

His bike was one of the true "Freak" classics around our parts of Michigan. Jeff was a gentle giant among the custom bike builders at Autorama. He was kinda quiet but was always eager to talk about our great hobby or just about anything else mechanical. Jeff and his wife Jamie were always warm and welcoming smiles at Detroit's Autorama. Over the years they've been able to make it to a few of our rides and they even surprised me by showing up on my 50th birthday to help in the celebrating.

On the FreakBike Nation messageboard any of you who would like to leave condolescences, a favorite experience you may have had with Jeff, pictures you may have taken of him or his bikes over the years, please feel free to let the world know how much he will be missed.

I will truely miss this man and his talents. I wish we could have spent more times together. Thank you for allowing me to call you a friend.
Manufactured: January 1960
Rebuilt: March 2008

FreakBike Militia - Great Lakes