Monday, August 16, 2010

DeltaWolf Recumbent Speed Trike and Marauder Recumbent Lowracer

"Here's a photo of my 93 year young neighbor trying out the Wolf. Also a photo of the Marauder. I had the hub discs for the Wolf laser cut. You need to add that as an option!

They are absolutely perfect, and cost me $4.35 each. I won't even pick up the drill for that amount!! :)  Thanks for all the great ideas.  Cheers, Roger Dalke"

Awesome bikes, Roger. Great to see the young man enjoying the ride. That's great!

Human powered trikes come in two varieties - two wheels at the back (delta), and two wheels up front (tadpole). The general opinion is that tadpole trikes are made for speed and comfort while delta trikes are great for load carrying, pulling trailers, and sending granny off to the shopping mall. But, not anymore!

The radical DeltaWolf Recumbent Speed Trike breaks all the rules that have held delta trikes back for so many years. This trike is ultra low, very laid back, designed for comfort and speed, and has full-sized 26 inch rear wheels thanks to unique, yet easy-to-make rear hub axles.

The DeltaWolf Recumbent Speed Trike is also designed to be easy to build using only a welder and an angle grinder, and requiring only a single part to be machined (plans also show alternative to this machined part). The rest of the trike is made using a few feet of square tubing and standard bicycle parts that can be purchased new or salvaged from scrap bicycles. Even the unique rear wheel hubs are made using nothing more than a hand drill, and a few washer shaped steel discs.

The Marauder Recumbent Lowracer is a lean and mean racing machine guaranteed to make you feel as though you are piloting a human powered jetfighter! The Marauder is a chameleon, with the ability to adapt to the cycle track, as well as the urban landscape. Because of the long wheelbase and smooth suspension, the Marauder offers a very smooth and well-behaved ride on practically any style of terrain.

The Marauder Recumbent Lowracer is a great way to get an intense workout and show off your building skills. Because the design is based on common bicycle parts, you won't crash your budget, and can be riding it in a few weekends. There is plenty of room for modifications, and the Marauder makes a great platform for experimenting with aerodynamic fairings or electric power.

Every step of the build is detailed using high resolution photos, complete explanations of how each part of the vehicle works, and tips on how to customize the design. Even if you have never taken a hacksaw to a bicycle, you will be able to follow along and complete the build.