Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Newbie bike builders from Australia plan LodeRunner Tandem Trike build

"Cheers from Australia! I've been lurking your forum for over a year and finally decided to take the plunge. Just bought your LodeRunner Tandem Trike plan. It's got lots of pictures and diagrams, something a noob like me needs!

I guess I should formally introduce myself. My name is Jim and I live in a rural area not too far from Melbourne, Australia. I've been retired from the construction scene for almost five years now. Always been busy making this and that in my backyard shop. I found Atomic Zombie while searching the Web for recumbent trike plans. Glad I stumbled on your site. It's a pleasure reading all about everyone's projects and the new things you've planned. I just read about the new tandem trike you're planning to build soon ("Big Red" based on Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Racing Trike). I'll be following that project with great interest!

My daughter is almost 18 years old and she wants to build the LodeRunner Tandem with me. I was shocked! She likes the picture of Brad and the two young ladies riding with him. I think it somehow inspired her. It should be a fun project for us to work on together.

We're in the process of gathering parts and taking measurements. I'll stop by the forum and give you folks a progress report once we have something to show. I know AZ builders love pictures, so we'll try to remember to take lots as the project goes along.

Cheers to you Brad and Kat and the entire AZ bike building crew. You're a great lot of people. Proud to be a part of this wonderful community. 

~ Jim and Stacey, Melbourne, Australia"

Thanks, Jim and Stacey. We look forward to following your build progress in the forum. Take lots of pictures along the way.

The Viking is a very unique tandem trike that includes an independent transmission system that allows one rider to stop pedaling without affecting the other. The Viking Tandem Trike uses commonly available 20mm disc brake hubs, so there are no hard-to-find or overly expensive components needed. The frame is completely made of square steel tubing, and everything else on the Viking Trike can be found at bicycle shops or hacked from scrap bicycles.

The building process is designed to allow anyone with a Do-It-Yourself desire to finish his or her own version of the Viking Trike without requiring previous bike building experience or specialized tools and skills. The plan is laid out in a format that makes customization or alternate parts usage a breeze, so you will certainly be able to include your own imagination in the process of building a recumbent trike.

If you have been eying up those expensive imported tandem trikes, but think $8,000 is a bit too steep of a price tag, then get out your tools and build it yourself! For thousands of dollars less than the price of a basic tadpole trike, you can create your very own tandem trike that will rival many of the factory built machines available.