Friday, August 13, 2010

Zombies go to camp

Thought we'd share some of camp pictures with you. We normally go to a small town called Ignace (Ontario), located about a three hour drive west of where we live, along Agimak Lake with our family.

We have a fairly large private beach area, with use of paddle boat and row boat, docks, and close to excellent fishing - pickeral (walleye), pike, bass...Great fishing!

Storms quickly move in across the lake, causing high waves. This one caught us by surprise. Had to bail out the boat quickly and pull it farther up the beach.

Our own Atomic Zombie Prince of Dogness staking out his claim on the dock. Loves swimming, fetching sticks and sunbathing. 

Prince of Dogness and Radical Brad - camping buds - ham it up for the camera on the deck of the cabin (KoolKat in the background).

Spectacular sunsets. One of many reasons why we return year after year.

About a dozen ducks come by daily. Mama duck watches over her kids while they take an afternoon nap.

Mama duck and her nearly full grown offspring hang around the dock at sunset.

Mama duck warns her kid, "Swim away! The dogs are coming, the dogs are coming!"

Sad to leave, but there's always next year. Another successful family camping week. Back to reality (sigh).