Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aussie aims to break record on recumbent lowracer - Around Oz Record Attempt

Atomic Zombie bike building guru, John Lewis, posted in the Builders Forum about Peter Heal, who is riding his recumbent bike around Australia, aiming to break the current record.

"The current record is held by Erik Straarup and is 51 days and some hours.

Peter Heal alias Poit, set out from near the Harbour Bridge Sydney Just after Midnight Saturday.
Tonight at a bit after 8 pm he was in Ballina having ridden about 750 km. He is looking to ride about 500 km further than Erik and finish in 50 or less days. Something like 15,600 km (about 9,800 miles) alone and unsupported.

Pete is riding a VK2 LowRacer kitted out with a tailbox and lights. All his gear is in the tailbox. So far he has had 2 punctures and a broken spoke. Getting out of Sydney was slowed by the midnight crowd of drunken Yobbos.

He's riding well within capabilities at present. I think he's done PBP twice. Also our equivilent Perth Albany Perth. Last year he rode Perth to Sydney in about 11 days.

If you would like to follow on look here.

Some pics of bike and equipment: "

An Atomic Zombie salute to Peter and his quest!

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