Monday, May 31, 2010

Viking Recumbent Tandem Trike update - painting!

Primer was applied yesterday. First coat of paint is now done! Just using standard spray paint - Tremclad fire engine red -  with black accents.

Good thing the rain held off this evening so I could get 'er done. It poured last night, so had to wait until this afternoon to apply the first coat of red paint.

I take my time, using smooth, steady strokes, shaking the can several times in between sprays. The only annoying part about painting is that your trigger finger gets a cramp!

I keep a rag handy to wipe off the end of the nozzle which helps eliminate drips, too.

The second coat will be applied tomorrow, then a few days to cure. The plan will be written up this week. Hope to have it online this weekend. Will be riding it in a few days!

Not too bad for backyard painting! Our grass is always multi-color every summer.