Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Atomic Zombie Bike Builders

Name: Steve Edwards   
Forum name
: Cheezy Rider   
Stats: Married, age 50-59               
Where you live: Canton, Michigan, USA   
Occupation: Journeyman Pipefitter (Retired)
Joined the Atomic Zombie Builders Forum: 2010
Your bike building ability when you first joined? Newbie, no previous experience           
Your welding ability when you first joined? Some previous experience   
Had you built your own bikes before joining the AZ Krew? No
Why did you join the Atomic Zombie builders community? To get help, knowledge, and instructions/plans on building a bike.   
What is your favorite type of bike project to build? Trikes                   
Why? Because this has become my first project. I want to build a Marauder also.
Which projects are you currently working on? Warrior Tadpole Trike
What welding method(s) do you use? MIG (Metal Inert Gas), Stick Welding   
Challenges you faced while working on your projects: Keeping the garage dust & metal shaving free, jigging
How did you overcome these challenges? Keep practice welding; sweep, sweep, sweep
What does it mean to you to be a member of the AZ Krew? It means there are people out there willing to help and advise me on what I may be doing wrong, and try steering me the right direction. People that will help keep the drive and excitement of build going strong.

Bike and/or welding-related web sites of interest to other AZ Krew members:
Advice and/or words of wisdom? Keep on trying. I have been around welding for 30 years. I always monkeyed with it  at work, but never had the passion for it. I consider myself an advanced beginner welder, so don't give up hope on learning; it just takes time and patience. I'm still learning.
Any other comments or interesting tidbits of information about yourself? I am retired from Ford.  Worked in construction on Nuclear and Coal fired power plants before that. I am a Private Pilot. I love to travel. I want to get my first project (Warrior Tadpole Trike) finished real bad.