Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bike building and project advice - Atomic Zombie builders forum

"When most of us started on this forum & others that we are family to, we had some ideas as to what we wanted, but didn't know how to get those ideas out of our heads and into something more tangible.

The best advice I can give, is simply this:

A): Spend the time to read every thread & post, on every topic of this forum (several times if time permits)

I know I did this and many of my first response questions were already answered somewhere in the wealth of information that I read.

B): Be prepared to throw questions out into the ring if you are still in need of answers.

C): Counter any 'criticism or rebuttal to your questions' with broad shoulders, and offer your experiences and testimonies to all you feel would benefit from them.

D): Build your ideas to the best of your abilities, taking lots of pics along the journey, and ask your peers to critique you, if necessary. Most people on here are not wanting to cover your newly oiled chain in sand, and more often than not, they will gladly bend over backwards to help you not make the same mistooks that they made on their journey.

~ PeterT"

 Sound advice.

Essential link for noob and experienced builders alike: