Monday, September 20, 2010

Gladiator phat trike chopper from Georgia - builders gallery

"I would like to let you know how much finding your web site has changed our lives. You have awaken something from my childhood with a vengeance. The whole neighborhood thanks you."
~ Fred Fincher, Conley, Georgia, USA

Thanks Fred, That's a cool trike chopper. Great work!

The Gladiator Chopper is an over-the-top custom bike made from a fusion of bicycle parts, car parts and commonly available steel tubing. What surprises most people who stop me for questions when I am out cruising on the Gladiator is that the entire chopper was made from junk parts using only a basic AC welder, an angle grinder and a hand drill.

Yes, no other tools were used, and not one single part was machined or hard to find. This bike is proof that anyone with the drive to turn their ideas into a rolling work of art can do so without dropping down hundreds of dollars at a machine shop, or without needing many years of mechanical or welding experience.

If you are willing to put some effort into this fun hobby, then you can have a chopper that will easily rival any mass produced department store wannabes. The pride you will feel knowing you built it yourself from inexpensive parts is priceless! Even the radical rear wheels are made from nothing more than old car rims and some common hardware store parts, so anyone willing to sweat a little can build this chopper.

The cost of the final product is extremely low, or may cost you nothing if you have some old bike parts laying around, and are willing to use what you have available, something I promote in these easy-to-modify designs. Every step of the build is detailed using high resolution photos. You will be amazed at how simple it is to create the wheels and frame for this seriously sick machine.

The Gladiator has full front suspension, a cool mid drive coaster brake system, and many other cool features that have to be seen close-up to be appreciated. This chop is a great machine to ride, and will get you more attention than anything else on the street!