Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hill Country Chopper - builders gallery

I loved the Granny's Nightmare chopper concept. My version came out a little different, as the mountains here in WV require some extra gearing, good brakes, and full leg extension.

So, instead of bending the down tube I extended the chain stays (3/4" conduit, squared at the back) eight inches or so, thus altering head and seat tube angle and lowering the seat while maintaining full seat tube length.

I used a mountain bike frame with a triple-tree shock and kept the rear V-brakes so I could use a six-speed freewheel, with two rings on the crank so I can change ratios if I want. In the spirit of zombie bike recycling I used two side-pull caliper brakes to make a big chrome center-pull U-brake (see second photo) so I wouldn't need any cable housing for the front brake.

Thanks for a great site full of great ideas!  ~  Ken Rice

A great looking Granny's Nightmare look-alike. Nice work, Ken!